Incentive & Match Programs

At times members of the community may donate funds to the Jackson Saves program to provide an incentive or match to students participating in Jackson Saves. Incentive programs are designed to foster and develop a skill or talent while a match programs encourage students to make a deposit into their Jackson Saves account. Both are great programs designed to help students grow their educational savings balances.

Donations can be made through the Jackson Community Foundation.


Create A Brighter Future, Donate Today!

Futures are made brighter when we work together to build a community filled with students who have access to financial education, career and development skills, and higher education or training programs. Students also do better when they know they have support and encouragement along the way. You can help.

DONATE to the Jackson $aves fund.

Your donation can help fund future Jackson $aves accounts or your donation can provide an incentive or a reward to help students earn more saving deposits from Kindergarten to graduation. To establish a reward or incentive for Jackson $ave participants, contact

Jackson Community Foundation

100 S Jackson St Suite 206 B

Jackson, MI 49201


Thank you to TRUE Community Credit Union and The Michigan Credit Union Foundation for your generous support to launch the Jackson Saves program.

More information about our donors can be found here. Thank you!