All the information you need to know about the title of your loans. 



Vehicle loans that are titled by the State of Michigan must have TRUE Community Credit Union listed as the lien holder.

Titled owned vehicle loans include:

  • All auto loans
  • Motorcycle loans
  • ATV’s, ORV’s, Dirt bikes, and Trail bikes
  • Trailers weighing more than 2,500 pounds*
  • RV’s and trailer coaches
  • Golf carts that meet federal regulations for on-road use**
  • Jet ski’s, boats longer than 20 feet, and watercrafts with inboard motor (regardless of length)

*Trailers weighing less than 2,500 pounds are exempt from titling.

**Golf carts that do not meet federal regulations for on-road use do not require a title

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TRUE Community Credit Union can only finance non-salvaged vehicles.

Dealerships typically manage title transfers for vehicles purchased through the dealership.

TRUE Community can help process title paperwork for vehicles that do not have an ownership transfer for the new title. Example: A cash out value of the equity of the vehicle.

Title paperwork that will have an ownership transfer will need to be completed by the new buyer.

Title paperwork must be completed within 15 days from when the loan was finalized. Example: Private sales


Electronic or Paper Title

If your vehicle is registered and titled in Michigan, your title may be held electronically, meaning you may not receive a paper title while the loan is active.

With the Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) program, the Secretary of State (SOS) transmits title and vehicle information electronically to the lienholder. Once your loan is paid in full, we will send a request to the SOS to mail you a free and clear paper title.

If your vehicle is registered and titled in a different state, your title may be electronic or paper, depending on your states DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) or SOS system. If a paper title is issued, TRUE Community will hold the paper title on file until the loan is paid in full. Once your final payment is made, we will sign off on the title and send it to you at your address. You can then take the title to your DMV or SOS to get it reissued without TRUE Community listed as the lien holder.


Lien Release/Release of Lien

You’ve paid off your loan. Congratulations!

You can easily and conveniently request a Release of Lien document by sending us a message in digital banking. Or contact us at 517-784-7101 or stop into any TRUE Community location, and a representative can sign off your title or issue a lien release.