Board of Directors

Chair, Josh Burgett

Vice Chair , Chelsea Page

Director, Tom Butman

Treasurer, Tim Denton

Secretary, Jo Ann Rand

Associate Director, Chelsea Eisele

Director, Brigitte Fawaz-Anouti

Director, Neil Fernandes

Director, Doris Graham

Director, Jacob Inosencio

Associate Director, Stu Kail

Directors Emeritus , Jerry Miller

Director, Regina Pinney

Directors Emeritus, Richard Pokerwinski

Director, Mike Rawson

Director, Karen Richard

Director, Bill Sackett

Associate Director, Yvette Wilkie


Board of Directors Responsibilities

  • Attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings
  • Initiate strategic and long-range planning
  • Formulate policies in broad terms to provide guidance and leadership in accomplishing the mission of the credit union
  • Coordinate & direct Board, Committee and Staff energies, talents and abilities as a team
  • Analyze and interpret environmental forces and organizational characteristics
  • Sole employee: President/CEO
  • Respond timely to regulatory examinations and audit recommendations
  • Assign duties to the Supervisory Committee (if required)

Please submit in writing, any questions or concerns for the Board of Directors to:

Board of Directors
TRUE Community Credit Union
1100 Clinton Road
Jackson, MI 49202

[email protected]


Senior Leadership

President / CEO, Chrissy Siders

Executive Vice President /Chief Integration Officer, Janet Thompson

Executive Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Matley

Chief Risk Officer, Brandi Cole

Chief Member Experience Officer, Heather Colonius

Chief Community Impact Officer, Sarah Ermatinger

Chief People Officer, Heather Harback

Chief Growth & Lending Officer, Valerie Moskal

Chief Financial Officer, Lance Schnitkey