Board of Directors

Chairman, Josh Burgett

Vice Chairman, Chelsea Page

Secretary, Jo Ann Rand

Treasurer, Tim Denton

Director, Tom Butman

Director, Jacob Inosencio

Director, Regina Pinney

Director, Karen Richard

Director, Neil Fernandes

Associate Director, Chelsea Eisele

Associate Director, Stu Kail

Associate Director, Yvette Wilkie


Board of Directors Responsibilities

  • Attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings
  • Initiate strategic and long-range planning
  • Formulate policies in broad terms to provide guidance and leadership in accomplishing the mission of the credit union
  • Coordinate & direct Board, Committee and Staff energies, talents and abilities as a team
  • Analyze and interpret environmental forces and organizational characteristics
  • Sole employee: President/CEO
  • Respond timely to regulatory examinations and audit recommendations
  • Assign duties to the Supervisory Committee (if required)

Please submit in writing, any questions or concerns for the Board of Directors to:

Board of Directors
TRUE Community Credit Union
1100 Clinton Road
Jackson, MI 49202

[email protected]


Senior Leadership

President / CEO, Chrissy Siders

Executive Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Matley

Chief Financial Officer, Lance Schnitkey

Chief Growth & Lending Officer, Valerie Moskal

Chief Member Experience Officer, Sarah Ermatinger

Chief People Officer, Heather Harback

Chief Risk Officer, Brandi Cole