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Phone: (517) 784-7101
Toll-Free: (800) 554-7101
Fax: (517) 784-6677

24/7 Telephone Banking

Call (517) 784-5669 or (800) 252-4831 for free, 24/7 access to your accounts.

Lost or Stolen Card

Credit Card: Please call (800) 237-6211 immediately if your Visa® credit card has been lost or stolen.

Debit Card/ATM Card: Please call (517) 784-7101 or (800) 554-7101 immediately if your debit card or ATM card has been lost or stolen.

Card Protection

TRUE Community Credit Union partners with Falcon Fraud Protection Services to monitor your TRUE Community Credit Union debit and credit cards on a continual basis. Falcon Fraud is on the lookout for illegal use of your credit card information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If there are transactions on your card that are unusual or outside of your normal spending habits, Falcon Fraud may call you to validate the transaction (s). If you have a TRUE Community Credit Union card, you are automatically enrolled in this service. To add or update your phone number please contact us below. 

Falcon Fraud Process:

  • Falcon Fraud will send you Fraud Alerts through text messages if we have your mobile phone information on file.
  • Falcon Fraud will call you at the home phone number linked with your account if you do not have a cell phone number on file with us. 
  • Falcon Fraud will deactivate your card as soon as you notify them that the transaction in issue is unlawful. 
  • Falcon Fraud will contact TRUE Community Credit Union during business hours, then we will contact you and provide assistance with the next steps, such as the dispute procedure and possibilities for getting you a replacement card.

Please Note: Falcon Fraud will verify your identification, but they will never ask for your complete card number, expiration date, or security code on the back.


Don’t forget to place a Travel Notification on your TRUE Community card.


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