Bank 24/7, Straight From Your Smartphone Touchpad

To get started with Teller 24 telephone banking, just call (517) 784-5669 or (800) 252-4831.

Then follow the menu prompts and enter your account number and access code:

Main Menu Options

Account Balances
Account History
Transfer Funds or Make a Payment
Card Services
Stop Payments
Credit Union Information
Change Access Code
More Options

Global Commands

Member Service Press.....0
Main Menu Press.....3*
Go Back Press.....*
Skip Press.....5*
Repeat Press.....#

First Time Logging In

In order to verify your identity on the new system, the first time you call in you will need to enter your account number and last 4-digits of your social security number. You will then be prompted to re-register and set your access code

Login Attempts

Teller 24 and online banking will be linked when it comes to failed login attempts. You have 5 attempts during the month of October before you will be locked out. This means, if you have 2 failed attempts in Teller 24 and 3 failed attempts in online banking, your account will be locked out. Beginning November 1, the system default will be set at 3 attempts.