TRUE Community Credit Union is proud to partner with the Jackson Community Foundation and the Jackson County Intermediate School district to bring Jackson $aves to our community.  

What is Jackson $aves?


Set your child up for success by checking YES and opting into the Jackson $aves program.

Jackson $aves is a free children’s savings account program designed to assist with education and training expenses after high school. Incoming kindergarteners are eligible to enroll by opting into the program, as part of their kindergarten enrollment process.

All kindergarteners who opt into the program will receive a $50.00 opening deposit into their Jackson $aves account (based on the availability of funds). Students can save for their future at any TRUE Community Credit Union Branch location and at any student branch location. In addition, students can earn incentives to help grow their account.

To learn more, please enjoy the video presentation below.


Having a plan and goals for their future, students are more likely to be motivated and energized to succeed today. Through financial education, career and skills development, and providing a place for student to save for their future are all things that make Jackson $aves a unique program.

Jackson $aves encourages the community to participate through reward or incentive programs.



Frequently Asked Questions about Jackson Saves

Incentive Programs and Donations

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