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TRUE Community Credit Union has made it a priority to provide you with the most up-to-date resources at your fingertips, so you can manage your finances from your computer, anytime!

You can pay your bills, check account balances, make transfers, and much more with our free online banking and bill pay service. Signing up is easy!


Beginning January 20, 2020, there will be an added security measure with your Online Banking.

Currently, you login to Online Banking with your username, password, and security question, and are able to access all areas of Online Banking with no further action needed. Beginning on January 20, there will be a few areas in Online Banking that will require you to enter a one-time passcode to move forward. 

How it Works

  • You will log in to Online Banking like you normally would. Once you have attempted to access one of the areas in Online Banking that requires a passcode, you will be given delivery method options for the passcode.
  • The areas that will require a one-time passcode include:
    • User Profile
    • Bill Pay (with the exception of business members)
    • Any member-to-member transfer greater than $5000
    • Any credit transfer greater than $5000 (even if transferring within your own account)
  • You will choose a delivery method for the passcode through either phone call, email, or text.
  • Once you receive the passcode, you will enter it on Online Banking and you will be redirected to the area you were attempting to access.

Action Items

  • Please make sure all of your contact information is current with us.
  • Give us a call at (517) 784-7101, or toll free at (800) 554-7101 to update your phone number, email address, and other contact information. 
  • Having your contact updated with us is necessary for this added measure of security so that the one-time passcode can be sent to the correct contact. It also ensures that we are able to communicate important information with you when needed. 

The Why

  • This added measure of security with Online Banking was done with the safety and security of our members in mind. 
  • We are attempting to eliminate any chances of fraud related to your account and Online Banking.
  • This change is being made to protect you and your money.

Additionally, if you are currently a sub-user on an account with Online Banking, you will be required to add your own email address and telephone number. This will begin January 7, 2020.

  • Free, secure, and easy-to-use service for TRUE Community members
  • Manage a number of banking activities, 24/7:
    • View account information
    • Review past transactions
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Access eStatements
    • Make loan payments
    • Pay bills
    • And more
  • Transfers occur immediately
  • Account information is refreshed regularly
  • Export transaction information to your financial management applications
  • Set up alerts and reminders to avoid late payment fees
  • Save yourself valuable time with fewer trips to a branch

It's as easy as sit. point. click.

1. Click on the "Register" button located at the upper right hand corner.

(From this location on this website you will have to click on the "Online Banking Login" button followed by the "Register" button.)

2. Enter your account number, social security number and date of birth.

3. Review and accept agreements for:

  • Home branching
  • Bill pay
  • Electronic signature

(Accepting the Electronic Signature Agreement automatically enrolls you into eStatements.)

4. Setup your username and password.

5. Select your security questions and answers which will be used to ensure that your sessions are secure.

6. Choose your security phrase/picture which will assist you in knowing you are visiting the proper site.

Now you have even more control and convenience when it comes to your business' finances. We upgraded your business account with tons of new benefits that will work for you! This new tool allows you to electronically:

  • Add new payees quickly to make and track payments
  • Pay/send payroll to employees with ease
  • Set up recurring payments to save time each month
  • Delegate payment tasks and keep control of final approvals
  • Run customized reports with the information you need

Sign on to Home Branching, and click on the Bill Pay tab to get started today!

View a demo!
Click here to view a demo, and check out all of the capabilities of Business Direct Pay.

Get Started!
Click here to view a guide on how to get started with Business Direct Pay. 

Click here to view some frequently asked questions about Business Direct Pay. 

Sample ACH Direct Deposit Form
This form is a sample and is provided for guidance only. Consult your legal counsel prior to use.

In order to set up an automatic transfer for a loan payment, simply follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Log in to Home Branching.
  2. Click on the "Transfers" tab near the top left of the Home Branching screen.
  3. In the "Transfer and Payments" screen, add the amount you need to be transferred, and choose which account you want the transfer to come from and which account you need the transferred funds to go to. 
  4. Click on the arrow for the "At this time:" drop-down and select the frequency you want your payments to automatically transfer. 
    • There are options for right now, on a specific date, annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly. 
  5. If you choose an option that requires date ranges, you will need to enter those as well.

S-Type or Account Type Changes

Home Branching

If you are wanting to transfer to a specific account of another member, you will need to know the S-Type of the account to which you are transferring to. For instance, if you are wanting to transfer to another member's Checking account, the S-Type can range from S0100 through S0109. You may need to contact the member you are trying to transfer to and ask them what their S-Type is. 

However, every member has an S0001, which is a Regular Shares, or Savings. You may simply transfer into their Savings and let them know that is where you transferred to.

If you have any questions about what S-Type to use when transferring from member to member on Home Branching, you may also Contact Us for help.

New S-Types as of 1/13/21

ACCOUNT TYPE                                     S-TYPE
Regular Shares 0001
Business Savings 0002
Super Cash 0020
TRUE Money Tree 0030 - 0099
Christmas Club 0040
Vacation Club 0041
Michigan Made 0100 - 0118
GPC 0110 - 0118
Just Checking 0110 - 0118
Health Savings 0119
Business Checking 0120 - 0129
Neighborhood Checking 0120-0129

Every member has an S0001, which is a Regular Shares, or Savings. If you don't know the S-Type you are trying to transfer to, you may simply transfer into the Savings (S0001).

If the S-Types are in ranges (like Michigan Made, GPC, etc.), then you will need to contact the person you are trying to transfer to, to determine what their S-Type is.

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