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The IRS is instructing people to head to their website for a status update. While we would love to have that answer for you, unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline of when to expect payments.   Please visit IRS website for information is 

IRS Website

When your stimulus check is ready, you can log in to Home Branching you will be able to see if your stimulus check is on its way,  the total amount and the date that it will be posted, under that Pending ACH link.

Notes for Home Branching:

  • On the Accounts screen, which should be the first screen you see, you will see a little hourglass with a link that says "Pending ACH" - right under Account Summary, near the top of the screen.
  • If you don’t see “Pending ACH”, it may not be ready yet, via the government. Just keep checking back throughout the week.
  • The Pending ACH link allows you to see pending deposits, just as it shows pending withdrawals.

Home Branching